Walkabout Ranch

Home of fine Tennessee Walker Horses and Shetland Sheep


Welcome to
Walkabout Ranch

in beautiful Norwood, Colorado.  

Walkabout Ranch is 41.25 acres located in the North Gurley Reserve of Norwood, Southwest Colorado.
Norwood is on Wrights Mesa in San Miguel County, and about 45 minutes from Telluride and the San Juan Mountains sometimes called the 'Switzerland of America'.

Howard & Jeannie Davis have created Walkabout Ranch from scratch beginning in 2007 and it remains a continual work in progress. The ranch overlooks the wide open Norwood valley with majestic mountain views on 2 sides. To the East is the spectacular San Juan and Cimarron mountains. To the West are the impressive La Salle mountains in Utah.

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Jeannie and Buddy enjoying
a sunny afternoon.

We have quality SHETLAND WOOL from our flock of Shetland Sheep.
We only keep wethers (neutered males) as these provide the highest quality fiber, and only sell the finer parts of the clip.  The second quality fiber is reserved for dog bed stuffing and other uses.

Our sheep live harmoniously together (or as harmonious as rams can be) on grass and forage pastures with Kara our Anatolian Shepherd, and Banjo & Matilda our Akbash Livestock Guardian Dogs.




Alexander (L), William (Rear), Richard Parker (Front)


Jeannie Nielsen, former owner of The Recycled Lamb yarn store in Denver has 'retired' to the ranch to raise the finest fiber she can - and has never worked as hard in her life. Her knowledge, expertise, and experience in the yarn business assures our customers of the best quality product and the finest service one could hope for.
Our fiber is produced on a small scale from hands-on owners who care about their animals and their well-being. This Shetland wool and mohair is now available to you. Please visit our other pages to learn more about Walkabout Ranch and how you can acquire our wool or mohair.